Photo Courtesy: Muppets Most Wanted
Why is Miss Piggy Obsessed with Marriage?

For the last 30-plus years, Miss Piggy has chased, bamboozled, coerced and sometimes karate-chopped Kermit towards marital submission. However, the slippery amphibian has continuously dodged and spurned her advances. Why after so many years of cat and mouse is marriage Miss Piggy’s pièce de résistance?

Absurd Cake Toppers

Have you noticed all the kinda negative cake toppers out there today that are dubbed as “humorous,” like grooms running away and brides forcing them to stay via gunpoint? Sounds romantic, no? What’s with them anyway?

Dominique as a groomswoman next to her best friend, the groom
Where Are All The Bridesmen and Groomswomen?

Who says bridesmaids have to be just women or groomsmen just guys? Your best friend should be at your side the day of your wedding regardless of their anatomy, so why don’t we see more bridesmen and groomswomen?

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Walking in The Steps of A Woman (Short-Animation)

This short animation, Sidewalk (2013) by filmmaker, Celia Bullwinkel will touch the hearts of all the ladies out there. I thought this animation did a great job depicting the often too public stages of personal change, both physical and mental that women experience throughout their lives. And it even put its two cents in regarding street harassment. There’s […]