Colorado Rules to Protect LGBT Rights in Wedding Cake Case

Sweet justice has been served! The Colorado State Supreme Court ruled that a public-facing business cannot refuse service to customers on religious grounds under the state’s anti-discrimination law,. The law stops businesses from discriminating against people on the basis of race, sex, national origin, or sexual orientation.

Suffering from The Bridal Shower Blues?

Of all the traditions associated with weddings, bridal showers might be one of the most obsolete traditions remaining. While there’s hope with the new trend of “Jack and Jill” showers (both sexes), it remains narcissistically sexist, greedy, outdated, and well, cheesy.

10 Tuxedos for Brides

Not all brides (or bridesmaids or lady groomsmen) want to wear a dress to a wedding, here are 10 kickass tuxedo options for women.