Suffragists celebrating
The Most Feminist Bachelorette Party Imaginable is in Rochester, New York

From Suffragette to Bachelorette, believe it or not, but Rochester, New York is where you can have the most feminist bachelorette party imaginable. It’s true. Ranked as one of the US cities with the best quality of life, it is also home to the women’s rights movement. Rochester offers a plethora of pro-women activities!

Creating a Socially Responsible Wedding

Fiancés planning a wedding have incredible purchasing power. I’m not just talking about the ability to buy two nude ice sculptures in the likeness of the newlyweds for the reception; I’m talking about the kind of purchases and investments that help make the world a better place via a wedding.

FB Movie Review: The Big Wedding

The Big Wedding (2013) – A dynamic family converges for the weekend for a family wedding. Like all typical wedding movies, hijinks ensue because no one wants to be honest about themselves or their sex life. Though to be fair to the movie, there’s a lot of scandal that you don’t see coming. As one […]

Why are women always apologizing? Pantene
Why the Wedding Industry Needs More Pro-Women Ads

Now Pantene has joined the list of for-profit companies that are creating ads that not only empower women but address some very real inherent issues in female culture. Joining GoldieBlox, Aunt Flo, Verizon and Always, Pantene is tackling women’s overuse of the phrase, “I’m sorry.” It’s pretty amazing to see how Sheryl Sandberg’s #BanBossy Campaign has […]

Screen shot 2014-06-30 at 10.06.25 AM
What It Means to Do Something “Like A Girl”

There’s been an amazing amount of positive ads that encourage women or young girls or address existing issues on how we currently treat them. Read about how important this type of advertising is to women.

Orange Is The New Black
The FB on ‘OITNB’ and Relationships

Check out my article on The Good Men Project!  “Orange Is The New Black’s second season reveals more about the lives and crimes of its supporting characters. What lies at the heart of season two is not the misdeeds these women committed that accounts for their imprisonment, but the relationships surrounding them that ultimately contributed […]