10 Tuxedos for Brides

Not all brides (or bridesmaids or lady groomsmen) want to wear a dress to a wedding, here are 10 kickass tuxedo options for women.

Feminist Fashion Friday: Betsey Johnson’s Marriage Equality Runway

I never know what to make of Betsey Johnson. She’s kinda like your great Aunt that’s a total wild card, who curiously resembles your thirteen year old niece, who’s currently finding herself by defying convention. When it comes to fashion, she’s a great reminder of how far fashion can go and how much you don’t have to […]

Book Cover is now a book! is now a book! March down the aisle as equals because the perfect wedding includes perfect equality. Don’t get married without it.

We Do Casting Notice Photo Only.001
Wedding Show Casting Call

Are you willing to share the wedded spotlight? If so, here’s a casting call for a new reality wedding show.

The Complete Wedding Survival Checklist

A feminist bride asked for a wedding “survival kit” list to prepare for her upcoming nuptials. Assuming that this lady has packed for a trip before, I assumed she’d know to pack a toothbrush so her ceremony kiss would be minty fresh. But then I had a change of heart, when your heart is racing on […]

Should You Change Your Name?

Thinking about changing (OR NOT changing) your surname after the wedding? The Feminist Bride returns as a guest on the Bridechilla Podcast to discuss the wedding tradition of name change (Ep #226).
Wedding Invitation Name Etiquette

When it came to invitation etiquette, Galanes stated “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” And while he was specifically referring to a holiday party invitation and not a wedding, discounting the importance of getting your friends’ names right is by no means a small issue. Wouldn’t we all feel more comfortable going to a party where the host knew our name?

Artwork by Katrina Majkut, Limelight, Spotlight, G-Spot, Oil on canvas, 68x50 in., 2013
The Power of the Penis Tiara

There’s a new fashion trend at bachelorette parties. Does it empower women or give new meaning to the phrase “dick head”?

Photo Courtesy: Muppets Most Wanted
Why is Miss Piggy Obsessed with Marriage?

For the last 30-plus years, Miss Piggy has chased, bamboozled, coerced and sometimes karate-chopped Kermit towards marital submission. However, the slippery amphibian has continuously dodged and spurned her advances. Why after so many years of cat and mouse is marriage Miss Piggy’s pièce de résistance?

Why The Bouquet Toss Needs A Makeover

Like herpes, no one really wants to catch the wedding bouquet anymore. Find out why and how a bride can improve upon this outdated and uncool tradition.

Life Magazine, photo unknown
Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Tradition Gets A Makeover

Not remembering wedding anniversaries can lead to nights on the couch, even more-expensive-than-you’d-normally-buy jewelry or signing up for things you’d normally refuse to do with your spouse like Zumba lessons or using your naked body as a platter for an intimate Sunday football meal. Here are some new ideas to traditional anniversary gifts, because what the heck is a paper anniversary?

Artwork by Katrina Majkut
Feminist Bride Press

Here are some personal shout outs and articles that have used The Feminist Bride as an inspirational resource.

14 Alternative Bridal Bouquets

For the feminist bride who is also an eco-feminist here are fourteen bouquet alternatives that focus on easily accessible (local), found, upcycled and recyclable bouquets that can either become a family heirloom for future brides or be easily dismantled with little negative impact on the environment.

Finding A Natural Approach to Wedding Skincare

Tired of wedding sources pushing unrealistic beauty standards? I interviewed Joanna Shu of Refresh Skincare to hear about her vegan skincare start-up that is helping brides and grooms bring out their best natural self while not breaking the bank.

Colorado Rules to Protect LGBT Rights in Wedding Cake Case

Sweet justice has been served! The Colorado State Supreme Court ruled that a public-facing business cannot refuse service to customers on religious grounds under the state’s anti-discrimination law,. The law stops businesses from discriminating against people on the basis of race, sex, national origin, or sexual orientation.
Suffering from The Bridal Shower Blues?

Of all the traditions associated with weddings, bridal showers might be one of the most obsolete traditions remaining. While there’s hope with the new trend of “Jack and Jill” showers (both sexes), it remains narcissistically sexist, greedy, outdated, and well, cheesy.