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Book: TheFeministBride.com is now a book! The Adventures and Discoveries of a Feminist Bride (Black Rose Writing) is now available online as a paperback and ebook where books are sold (Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, Kobo, and Scribd. To learn more about the book, click here. Book Press inquiries, please contact Julia Davis, julia@riotprllc.com

unnamedWebsite: TheFeministBride.com is the only wedding source that’s not trying to sell you a white wedding dress. It is not just another wedding how-to source instructing the bride on what to do, buy and how to act, insisting on traditions without providing context. It tackles the more substantive questions prospective brides, feminists, and those interested in modernizing marriage actually care about: Is living in sin really so bad? Why don’t men wear engagement rings? Is it acceptable for bachelorettes to hit up the strip clubs too? Why can’t the groom change his last name instead? And if no one is a virgin anymore, how come brides are all still wearing white? The Feminist Bride aims to inspire a new generation of newlyweds to confidently buck or modernize tradition and walk down the aisle as equals.

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About the Founder: After leaving her job in investments, writer, proud feminist, artist and beleaguered bridesmaid, Katrina Majkut took her five-years of experience in industry analysis and aimed it at the wedding industry. She simultaneously discovered her amazing lack of talent for weddings as she and her friends began walking down the aisle. Several injuries, one wedding party expulsion, too many bridal showers, not enough bachelorette parties and one spouse later, Majkut learned she was not the only one having this much fun at weddings. She turned her attention to helping other frustrated newlyweds navigate the havoc of traditional weddings. When it comes to weddings, Boston Magazine states, Majkut isn’t a cynic, however. She loves the sanctity of marriage as much as the next girl, but understands that the strong women of today have a chance to reassess the typical double-standard and march down that aisle with a new sense of confidence—the type that Rosie the Riveter could get on board with.” 


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