Image: Sports England #ThisGirlCan
Saying No to The Wedding Diet #ThisGirlCan

The whole concept of the “wedding diet” is to bust your ass in the gym over a short period of time so you can look “perfect” for an even shorter period, one day. The thing is, what is perfect? Who defines at what point you can stop sweating at the gym because you’ve reached “perfection?” […]

Pst! Bridesmaids Are Not Your Personal Maids

What it means to be a bridesmaid today has run amuck. Bridesmaids can no longer be held to unreasonable standards of friendship and bridal subjugation like helping the bride into Spanx or poop while wearing an oversized dress. It’s time to reassess this job description!

Photo Courtesy: Muppets Most Wanted
Why is Miss Piggy Obsessed with Marriage?

For the last 30-plus years, Miss Piggy has chased, bamboozled, coerced and sometimes karate-chopped Kermit towards marital submission. However, the slippery amphibian has continuously dodged and spurned her advances. Why after so many years of cat and mouse is marriage Miss Piggy’s pièce de résistance?

Absurd Cake Toppers

Have you noticed all the kinda negative cake toppers out there today that are dubbed as “humorous,” like grooms running away and brides forcing them to stay via gunpoint? Sounds romantic, no? What’s with them anyway?