Should You Have An Engagement Party?

To party or not to party is the question. With six other types of wedding parties to have is an engagement party the one that’s going to break guests’ back? Here are some ideas when debating on whether one more is too much.

10 Other Wedding Traditions Worth Skipping

Oh yes there’s more! In addition to the 10 The Feminist Bride has already covered, cat-throwing-brideshere are 10 more wedding traditions worth skipping. Don’t worry there are solutions for all of them! And yes, that’s a bride throwing a cat…and no, it’s not on this ten list. Sorry cats.

Admitting Groomsmen Have It Better Than Bridesmaids

I know that by saying I’d rather be a groomsman over a bridesmaid, it sounds like I’m confirming the old Freudian theory that feminism is nothing more than penis envy. It’s not, it does highlight how how bridesmaids and groomsmen, who enjoy the same status and title, can and should also enjoy the same job description, but don’t.

Managing a Bridal Meltdown     

Bridezillas aside, a bridal meltdown can happen to anyone. It will undoubtedly be over something worthy of emotion or either a tantrum over nothing. Here’s some advice on how to weather the storm or prevent Defcon 1 from happening.

Is Choosing to Take Your Husband’s Surname Really Feminist?

Over 90% of brides take their husband’s surname and justify it as a personal choice, but what if choice were a whole lot more complicated than what any of us thought? And how many brides really know the true history to taking the husband’s name, let along what that act is actually called. Here’s an eye opening account about the history and meaning of choice and patronymics; and how truly complicated it all is for women who expect and deserves respect and equality.

Why Feminism Needs Funny

Women’s suffering has reached comical proportions. That’s why feminism needs funny! And luckily, we’re surrounded by lots of creative and slick-lipped women that are paving the way to a new type of feminist activism. Although, making a great empowering boob joke and not sounding like a boob is a lot harder than you think…