Knocking up or knocking out baby making wedding traditions

Whether or not to invite kids to a wedding is a one decision, but the bigger decision is whether not to practice superstitious wedding traditions that try to conceive a baby. The Feminist Bride has established that there are nine wedding traditions that exist in order to get the bride pregnant, now we’re going to […]

The Bigger the Engagement Ring, The Bigger the Divorce?

Ever find yourself jelly over someone’s massive diamond engagement ring? Covet not my friend, because two dudes from Emory University did an online economic study to see if the wedding industry promise that having a luxurious wedding and engagement leads to a happy marriage is true.

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Show Me the Money! Wedding Traditions without the Wage Gap

Sadly, six wedding traditions sprung directly from the wage gap. How can women expect to eliminate the wage gap, if their personal cultural practices support it? Rather than spend your time in traditions that are a bad investment, let’s financially reform them. Here are six solution that you can bank on for their equality.

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Sexy Halloween Costume ≠ Slutty Woman

Comedian Eliza Skinner has some wickedly awesome sage advice about how to tell the different between a sexy halloween costume and a slutty one. So as you ponder this year’s halloween costume, consider that it’s the women underneath that makes a difference and the person who calls her slutty – is probably going home alone on […]

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Parody Video: If Men Experienced Accessing Birth Control Like Women

What if men had to go through the same hoops as women to get birth control? Check out this feminist role-reversal video that highlights what double standards women go through regarding medical insurance, pharmacy prescriptions policies and attitudes from men. I bet men would be upset too!