Are Childless Couples More Likely to Divorce?

Since the 1950′s studies show that childless couples are more likely to divorce then families with children; and the more children decreases the chance of divorce. It seems that the emerging books on this topic, scrutinize over the childless couples a little bit more unfairly then those with kids – because they don’t have kids how could they possibly be as fulfilled compared to those who have them? Creating the notion that kids and a classic family and white picket fence is still the preferred cultural push.  But for those who don’t want kids the article had this little ray of hope to share…

“And there may be more childfree couples ahead; fewer people believe that kids are “very important” to a successful marriage, according to a 2007 survey by the Pew Research Center. About 65 percent of us believed they were back in 1990, but just 41 percent of us believe that now. About 7 percent of Millennials — those born in or after 1982 — say they don’t want kids and 19 percent aren’t sure. But if that 19 percent waits too long, they may be the next crop of infertile.”

via Vicki Larson: Are Childless Couples Headed Toward Divorce?.

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