Bad Bridesmaid Dresses #TBT

In honor of Throw Back Thursday, here are a selection of bridesmaid dresses which in retrospect may not have been such a good choice.

1. Cuz nothing says metallic like the 80s.

Battle of the Bridesmaids






2. There are just no words for this one…






3. Wedding must have been a Children of the Corn theme. Smile guys.







4. It’s a fairy tale wedding for the bride, nightmare for the bridesmaids.

hideous fairy bridesmaid dresses






5. Even Rainbow Brite is cringing.









6. The only time a feminist can sincerely and without offense ask: “do the curtains match the drapes?”









7. Who said there’s such a thing as too much hot pink?






8. Everyone’s face kinda says it all.








9. The bride was right, you can totally shorten the dress and wear those again.







10. Yup, those are muffs.







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  1. […] quite possible that in ten years you are going to be mortified by the bridesmaid dresses you picked out. So don’t worry about today, worry about tomorrow. When the released ceremonial […]

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