Petition Asks Bert And Ernie To Get Married On Sesame Street

Despite Ernie, a lifelong bachelor, amorously announcing his preferred partner with the statement, “Rubber ducky you’re the one…I’m awfully fond of you,” people are insisting that Ernie is in fact, partners with his lifelong roommate Bert.

With gay marriage now legal in New York (aka Sesame Street), people are taking a hard look at whether this lifetime arrangement is nothing more than a “Boston Marriage.” Lair Scott with is starting a petition for Sesame Street to have its first gay couple and marriage. Since Sesame Street has always been a trailblazer in adjusting kids to socially hard issues, it seems only natural that Sesame Street address concerns expressed in the gay community. Of particular concern for Scott is the high incidence of suicides by gay people, who hopes that by creating a gay couple on Sesame Street kids will learn to be “tolerant of those that are different. Let Sesame Street and PBS Kids be a big part in saving many worthy lives.”

Others argue over the absurdity that these two unkempt, emotionally immature, bickering duo could be possibly anything other than heterosexual men locked into a permanent dorm room arrangement. Many question where should adding gay characters stop – why not marry Batman and Robin, Yogi and Boo Boo? Recently, Archie Comics introduced its first gay character, Kevin Keller, in “Veronica.” The first same-sex marriage on daytime TV occurred in 2009, on the soap opera “All My Children.” Some though take more of a reasonable approach to it saying that not all single men who live together are gay. Touche.

Sesame Street has addressed the concerns for more sexual diversity, insisting that Bert and Ernie are in fact not gay. But Scott does bring up a good concern that there should be more representation for the LGBT community on the show. It doesn’t have to be Bert and Ernie, but perhaps a new or other old character can teach kids that it’s okay to be “Over, under, through and out.”

To sign’s petition asking Sesame Street to marry Bert & Ernie click here.

To Support Bert and Ernie’s marriage visit their Facebook Page.

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  1. TheFeministBride August 10, 2011

    Dear Rubber Ducky, you are no longer “the one.” Sincerely, Ernie.

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