Bill Murray’s Been Crashing Weddings Forever – We Just Never Noticed Until Now

Professional wedding crasher, Bill Murray has been upstaging more than a few brides and grooms lately. The thing is – this isn’t new behavior for the former Ghostbuster. He’s been eerily showing up in wedding photos for years…maybe decades like an elusive, sneaky varmint. We just never noticed until now, but we caught you Murray, we caught you.

Bill Murray at Bachelorette Party

Dino Wedding and Bill Murray

GOT Bill Murray

Williams Bill Murray

Antique Bill Murray

Luke and Laura's Wedding Bill Murray - Free Magazines Download in PDF for iPad/PC

Twilight and Bill Murray

Royal Wedding Bill Murray


 “This crowd has gone deadly silent, a Cinderella story outta nowhere.” – Carl Spackler

Nude Wedding Bill Murray

Muppets Bill Murray

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