Colorado Rules to Protect LGBT Rights in Wedding Cake Case

dudes-e1436732604953Sweet justice has been served! The Colorado State Supreme Court ruled that a public-facing business cannot refuse service to customers on religious grounds under the state’s anti-discrimination law,. The law stops businesses from discriminating against people on the basis of race, sex, national origin, or sexual orientation.

The ruling came after bakery owner, Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakes refused to bake a wedding cake for David Mullins and Charlie Craig (who were not even marrying in Colorado, but rather just holding a reception there), arguing that doing so would go against his religious beliefs. The court ruling also includes that such exclusion is not justifiable just because other businesses provide the same service that would accept couples like Mullins and Craig.

“We all have a right to our personal beliefs, but we do not have a right to impose those beliefs on others and harm them. We hope today’s win will serve as a lesson for others that equality and fairness should be our guiding principles and that discrimination has no place at the table, or the bakery as the case may be.” Ria Tabacco Mar, staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union’s LGBT Project.

This is a great example as to why anti-discrimination laws are so important and why electing officials who support them is equally as important. It also shows why finding wedding vendors that understand “love is love” is super important towards building a healthy and inclusive wedding industry.

Congrats to Mullins and Craig on their nuptials and this belated wedding gift; a big thanks to the ACLU for fighting to protect people who just want to live freely and as themselves without prejudice and discrimination.

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