Feminist Bride TV Show Review – Bridalplasty

Bridalplasty (TV Series 2010) – I’m a little behind my wedding TV, but I don’t think I’m missing out on too much with E!’s 2010 show, Bridalplasty. In this reality show competition, brides create a “wish list” of physical things they dislike about themselves and want to change. They then compete in order to win that plastic surgery. The last bridalplasty contestant standing wins their dream wedding and a whole new look.

It is sort of like a cross between the other reality show called The Swan, where “ugly ducklings” underwent the knife to become beautiful swans and compete in a beauty pageant and any VH1 reality show full of competition, drama and alliances. The female participants couldn’t stop using the “p” word in relation to their wedding. Perfection. None of these women suffered from cleft problems or missing teeth or an extra toe, they were in fact quiet pretty before the surgery. True, some probably have never seen a gym but the show teaches women and brides that wedding perfection can be done with plastic surgery and not healthy eating and exercise.

To read more about the show: ‘Bridalplasty’: Double-edged sword for reality TV? – CNN.com.

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