Q&A with An Out-of-The-Box Wedding Planner

Image Courtesy of Hoopla! EventsFiancés put tremendous time, energy and resources into making their wedding unforgettable; but the reality is, if they are sticking to tradition, the wedding will still look like all the others. When I met Hudson Valley wedding planner and business owner, Adina Franconi of Hoopla! Events at (un)convention Brooklyn, I was happy to meet one of the few wedding industry professionals who has the hutzpah and vision to make a wedding truly one of a kind. It’s super refreshing to meet someone in the wedding world who wants to fulfill the vision and personality of the couple over sticking to tradition for the sake of tradition, so I wanted to hear more about Franconi and Hoopla! Events. 

1.     What is Hoopla! Events and how it is different than other comparable businesses?

​ Hoopla! Events is a full-service event planning company for proud individuals who like to dance on the table and – outside the status quo. ​
Wedding planner and owner of Hoopla! Events, Adina Franconi (Photo By Story & Gold)

Wedding planner and owner of Hoopla! Events, Adina Franconi (Photo By Story & Gold)

2.     As a woman-entrepreneur, what was it like starting your own business?

​ ​I wasn’t as scared as I thought I was when looking back on it. I just knew that when I launched Hoopla! Events it was going to be an amazing adventure because I was keeping true to myself in how I formed it.  
3.     We recently heard Oriana Koren talk about the idea of being a “wedding disruptor,” how do you bring a feminist/egalitarian/forward-thinking mindset to wedding planning?

 I’ve always said the heck with traditions. No offense to mom and grandma but the garter and bouquet toss are beyond cliche and quite frankly it’s a little insane watching woman almost knock each other to catch the bouquet in hopes of the being the next one to get married. I’ve seen brawls over it, not pretty at all!
4.     How do you encourage or support couples who want to break from tradition or invent their own?

​ I like to let them know they have options and that ultimately, at the end of the day, their special day should be just that, THEIR special day. ​
static1.squarespace5.     There’s been a lot of press about wedding vendors who discriminate against LGBTQ couples by refusing to work with them. Can you give any advice to couples about finding vendors that won’t discriminate against them and finding ones that understand love is love?

​I highly suggest recommendations from friends and/or family. Hands down one of the best ways to find that perfect vendor. Also there are some great sites that are geared specifically towards LGBTQ couples. Kate Schaefer of H & H Weddings nailed it with creating a site where couples don’t have to weed through or question if a vendor will work with them or not.   
Photo Courtesy of Hoopla! Events

Photo Courtesy of Hoopla! Events

6.     What’s the most important factor couples need to consider when planning a wedding? What’s the least?

​Most important would have to be staying true to their vision and trying not to get distracted by outside sources or opinions. The least would be​ trying to appease the masses. It’s impossible and quite frankly stressful on couples.
7.     Do you think the wedding industry needs to be shaken up? Why and how so?

​ABSOLUTELY. There’s still so much emphasis on tradition and what’s trending in the wedding industry.  I think there needs to be more resources that encourage creativity and embrace individuality. 
Photo Courtesy of Hoopla! Events

Photo Courtesy of Hoopla! Events

8.     When I think about the impacts of planning a wedding, I think of social and civil equality and environmental impacts; what can couples do to have a socially mindful or eco friendly wedding?

​What’s great is there are so many eco-friendly wedding vendors that offer so many great products and services. One of my favorites is Susty Party, ​ which specializes in eco-friendly, compostable, sustainable, disposable party tableware. I’m also a huge fan of couples donating to their favorite charities instead of having wedding favors.

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