Dating Website Creates New Post-College Profession – Sugar Baby

A website called SeekingArrangements is causing a huge stir because it hooks up college kids, down on their luck economically and professionally and in desperate need of some student loan assistance, with wealthy sugar daddies. Since the site acts merely as a facilitator and connection to these two people and because there is no talk or money negotiation on the site (that is an arrangement left to the couple once they meet) the site is walking a barely legal fine line.

Many are accusing the site of being a pimp and encouraging prostitution, its student members are viewed more as victims to a greater enemy.  While I can’t agree with the site’s purpose and objective, I wonder why no one is looking at the sugar daddies who want their own Vivian West, aren’t they just as guilty in this whole process? Or why no one is questioning our education system and college career center that leaves its college graduates with no choice but to seek an exploitative arrangement? With 700,000 college sugar baby members seeking daddies – what happened to work study, loan deferment options, or taking a waiting or retail jobs at the mall instead? Are the healthcare classes that we’re all forced to sit through in high school just getting worse that we are content to exchange sex to maintain our livelihood?

Money for sex and unique relationships have always existed. We may be outraged at this sugar daddy website but mail order brides, green card marriages, escorts, prostitution, etc. continue to exist, and we’ve continually failed to fix and eradicate them. It’s just horribly disappointing to realize that the cost structure of our world class education institutions is resulting in behavior we hoped would protect its students against.

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