Outside the Box “Altar Ego” (Wedding Party) Outfits

Do your Altar Egos* (a.k.a. bridesmaids, groomsmen, wedding party) need something to wear before the wedding but you are tired of the hyper-feminine and cliche uniforms with outdated, mildly sexist terms written on the butt? Here’s a whole bunch of alternatives that support strong and intellectual friends (of all shapes, sizes, and sexes) and still make for a damn good photo op.

Super Heroes
Super Heroes
Woman a strong as hell and they should show off their natural superpowers!
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*Altar Ego – the gender neutral, new age term for bridesmaids, which unfairly defines a woman on her sexual activity (the term “groomsmen” does not). It also fits the original purpose of the role, plus who doesn’t love puns. Learn more about the origins and what it means to be a “bridesmaid” in the book The Adventures of a Feminist Bride.


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