Couple Married 72 Years Passes Away Holding Hands

Most everyone cried at the end of The Notebook, even the most hardened men I know admitted, they too, got a little bit weepy. I’m talking about when Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling’s older character versions are cuddled in a hospital bed together. In a moment of clarity amidst the wife’s dementia, they whisper their love for each other, then pass away together in each other arms.

Now sadly, a real couple has made this scene a reality. After a car accident, Norma, 90, and Gordon Yeager, 94, passed away in the hospital holding hands, one hour apart. The couple married on May 26, 1939 and were married 72 years. While Gordon moved on first, Norma’s heartbeat continued through Gordon, giving him a heartbeat on his own monitor until finally she joined him. The son explained this was a bittersweet departure for his parents explaning, “They just loved being together. He [Gordon] always said, ‘I can’t go until she does because I gotta stay here for her.’ And she would say the same thing.”

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