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Feminist Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Got Your Back Ladies

Thank goodness for Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the people at hitRECord for stepping up to the plate for feminism! JGL is one of those rare instances of men coming forward and identifying as a feminist. (Sorry ladies, there’s no real word on whether Ryan Gosling is an actual feminist. The Feminist Ryan Gosling memes were made as study notecards.)

Not only is JGL explaining why he thinks it’s just plain common sense as to why he’s a feminist and why the world needs it, he’s calling out others who feel like they don’t (#WhyIDon’tNeedFeminism). He also wants to encourage other feminists to come forward and share their ideas on the topic or any topic on their minds really.

hitRECords is a new type of production company that looks to connect thought-provocateurs, writers, artists, musicians or anyone else looking for a creative outlet to team up and create art! If I know feminists, I know we have a lot to say and we definitely love having conversations and collaborating with people on it. So watch the video below and find how you can get involved!

Couple Married 72 Years Passes Away Holding Hands

Most everyone cried at the end of The Notebook, even the most hardened men I know admitted, they too, got a little bit weepy. I’m talking about when Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling’s older character versions are cuddled in a hospital bed together. In a moment of clarity amidst the wife’s dementia, they whisper their love for each other, then pass away together in each other arms.