‘Trainwreck’ Amy Schumer Takes on Monogamy in New Movie



No one does irreverent women’s culture better than Amy Schumer on her Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer. Now we can enjoy her hutzpah on the big screen with the movie, Trainwreck (in theaters July 17). Not only did she write this film, but she’s starring in it too. Chock one up for underrepresented women in Hollywood! While it seems Trainwreck might be another chick flick rom-com, the trailer shows Amy acting more like the unattainable, detached guy which hopefully breathes some fresh air into this exhausted genre.

The movie also seems to have a bit of a Sex and The City influence as it follows anti-monogamy Amy, who unapologetically enjoys serial one-night stands á la Samantha Jones. Even that walk of shame clip on the Staten Island Ferry is reminiscent of a SATC episode when they go to the fireman fundraiser. I also wonder if it’s slightly self-biographical as a lot of her stand up and TV show shares her experience with her own sexual escapades.

However, I’m a little confused by the “have-it-all” dogma in the trailer as it seems Amy has a fantastic life – great apartment, friends, job and no man, which is just fine by her, but the movie is called Trainwreck? Is it because her sea of endless lovers is more a result of trauma inspired by her parents’ divorce? Plus it doesn’t seem outrageous to predict that Amy ends up in a relationship after everything…

Regardless, I’m pretty excited by the movie and it’s really random, but awesome cast of characters for a Judd Apatow film – Tilda Swinton, LeBron James and John Cena (you do look like Mark Wahlberg ate Mark Wahlberg)… I’m definitely going to bring some boxed wine with a straw when I see it in theaters too.

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