FB Movie Review: An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember (1957) – I had only heard of the movie, An Affair to Remember, through the quintessential romance movie of the 90’s, Sleepless in Seattle. Rosie O’Donnell and Meg Ryan cry over the sentimental romance – how love can suddenly find you, change your life and just as quickly disappear under unfortunate circumstances. And I will admit, I didn’t understand (like the guys in that film) what the big deal was…until now.

Cary Grant plays a famous playboy set to marry a very wealthy women; Deborah Kerr plays a smart-alecky, charming singer who is involved in a successful businessman. They cross paths in a cute meet while alone on a cruise from Europe – between their witty banter and shared personal stories, they end up falling into the type of pure love that must of us dream about. Except they are both entwined to others who financially support each of them. They make a pact that if in six months each still feels the same way for the other and can learn to make something of themselves so they can support their love, they will meet on top of the Empire State building. Tragedy befalls one of the characters, and without giving away too much, if you watch the movie you too will be impatiently waiting to see if love conquers all.

Most movies of Hollywood’s golden age are so characteristic in cinematography, dramatic language, smoldering looks and dry-lipped kisses that that age’s film techniques are almost cliché. Despite that, An Affair to Remember is really one of the best romantic movies I have seen in a long time. It’s funny, witty and endearing. The two try to respect their romantic promises to their beaus back home, but they just can’t deny their connection. And rather just abandon their promises, ties to fortune or impetuously run away in the heat of the moment, they take the responsible and mature route before declaring their love on high – or on top of the empire state building. This is a wonderful film for a girl’s night or even a quiet romantic night in, I wish I had only listened to Meg Ryan sooner. That girl knew what she was talking about, just like she knew she was destined for Mr. Sleepless in Seattle. Director: Leo McCarey. (Subject: Romance, Love, Affair)

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