VIDEO: Why Do Bride’s Take Their Husband’s Name?

Before you get excited about becoming the next Mrs. John Smith, beware! There’s a sordid history to this cultural practice and severe modern implications as to how women are contributing to their own marginalization.

The video is a lecture I gave at the Tufts University Women’s Center ‘Beyond the Classroom’ symposium. It explains the history of why women take men’s name upon marriage, dives into its modern relevancy and issues and offers solutions for what women and men can do to practice the art of name change with more egalitarianism. (I’ll slowly be posting the name change spectrum and video transcript too!)

If you’re interested in more information about patronymics and matronymics and general name change here are a few additional Feminist Bride links and sources:

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  1. […] Taking the husband’s name is a wholly outdated practice, but it’s still used enthusiastically by brides who think a single name unites a family or is romantic or a generous sacrifice. Modern women have accomplished a lot under their original surnames, just as much as men. With men seldom ever changing their name, the tradition is rife with sexism and double standards, which is why it’s worth abandoning. To Read More: How Well Balanced Is Your Name Change Decision?, Why Women Change Their Last Names After Marriage, VIDEO: Why Do Bride’s Take Their Husband’s Name? […]

  2. […] VIDEO: Why Do Bride’s Take Their Husband’s Name? […]

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